Feeding Your Child for Lifelong Health

Feeding Your Child for Lifelong Health

A collaboration with noted Tufts University nutritionist Susan B. Roberts (The Instinct Diet), FEEDING YOUR CHILD explores some pretty good reasons why kids can be picky eaters, among other things. Both Susan and I had been exploring the idea that we human beings are programmed to seek out calorie-dense and life-sustaining elements in our food choice … but that since the advent of modern industrial food production, starting as early as the late 1800s, our instincts have been betrayed by the abundance of cheap process sugars, fats and salty foods. I explored that thought in KIDFOOD, we jointly addressed it in FEEDING YOUR CHILD, and Susan went on to develop her “I” Diet.

FEEDING YOUR CHILD explaing how the new science of “metabolic programming” can help you:

Maximize your baby’s IQ and development

Prevent allergies and obesity

Prevent or cure picky eating

Teach your child to enjoy healthy foods

Protect against family health problems

Find the book here.

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