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New York, New York

Two stops in New York … the first you already know about, our great evening at Posman Books, followed by a soiree on the East Side.

Second trip to NYC was on April 8, the eve of the anniversary of the Bataan surrender in 1942 and the start of the Bataan Death March. It was truly an honor to be speaking to an audience at the NY Philippine Consulate General about Bataan, Corregidor, and grandfather Gen. Charles E. Kilbourne’s role in building the Malinta Tunnel on Corregidor, which was the U.S. and Philippines’ last line of defense during that grim spring 58 years ago. More about “Charlie” — as we called him — and the Tunnel later.


Consul General Cecilia B. Rebong acknowledges with deep appreciation Ms. Lisa Tracy and her inspiring talk. Ms. Tracy emphasized the deep affection of her grandfather for the Philippines.