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About the Book: What are Possessions?

Lisa-Tracys-Reading-071810-041-300x225What a great reading in North Hollywood (above & below), with many thanks to Jon D’Amore, Georgia Durante and Chef Karl for making it all possible. . . . Turns out West Coast folks do SO have issues with their possessions, and found “Objects of Our Affection” very relevant!

Letting Go

Could letting go of our stuff be a divorce? For some of us, it’s not far removed. People have cried during readings of OBJECTS. They are often the ones who’ve just had to deal with closing down a parent’s house, sorting all the stuff, throwing out, selling, donating … downsizing plus.

BOY, do I sympathize. This is not easy. It’s not even easy to sort the stuff on your own desk, let alone your parents’ attic.

It’s not a divorce. Put down that idea and step away slowly! It’s a passage; a transformation; it’s sending the kids off to college or to a great job in a new town where they will thrive … in this case, it might be sending the furniture or the tschotschkes off to a new house. It’s OK!

For more ideas about how readers and this author are tackling stuff and memories, go to the bottom of this NEWS page and look for the tiny balloon that says “COMMENTS.” And please, add yours!


BookWorks is the bookstore par excellence … we had a big turnout despite our day there coinciding with an 11,000-person footrace through the city. INDIES RULE!

Thanks to Betsy, and to Connie and Dick, for their most excellent hospitality. Betsy’s book club turned out in force, and we had a really interesting discussion about the stuff and who’s right now struggling with how to lighten the load.  It’s the stories … write ‘em down, put them somewhere secure … in about 20 years, someone is going to want them!


Fort Verde, where grandmother Bessie was a little girl in Apache territory, welcomed OBJECTS for a 19th century day at the old Army post … compleat with church service, and then a reading. The book sold out.  Thanks to Sheila Stubler and staff for a great day in the high desert hills there north of Phoenix. Fort Verde is an historical gem, with great tours and a great staff, and was recently on the docket to be closed because of Arizona’s budget crunch. Please, if you are in Arizona, put it on your must-see list. It has a marvelous museum and its archives are a researcher’s dream.

FV-BookSigning1-300x200Tucson … ever a favorite city … where I caught up with some of my dearest friends and Suzanne, Betsty, Bev and I attended the gala modern dance concert dedicated to our star among the stars, astronomer Walter Rice … did a reading at the Borders on North Oracle, then got to see Joe McGrath in a stellar OTHELLO.  Not poppy, nor mandragora, Nor all the drowsy syrups of the world


The Georgia Center for the Book played host to OBJECTS OF OUR AFFECTION on a cool April night, and we got into a great discussion about how to save the memories/stories/family that are IN the furniture, without having to actually keep all of Aunt Nelly’s — or in the case of OBJECTS, great-grandma Nelly’s — tschotschkes.

Lisa-Tracy-reading-April-20101-300x225Many thanks to Joe Davich and the Center for their hospitality. It’s a great spot!

And even more thanks must go to hosts extraordinaire Esther and Jim, and their scintillating cadre of friends. We had a rollicking evening at their Atlanta home, with a sumptuous buffet and a reading — one of my first at that point, and I really have to thank all of the guests that evening for their generous listening and many good comments. Thanks, y’all!