We remember: 1963

May 1963: Kilbourne and Kennedy at the White House.
May 1963: Kilbourne and Kennedy at the White House.

Charles Kilbourne meets John Kennedy in May 1963, as oldest living Medal of Honor recipient. Six months later, they died within a week of each other. Both are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Rest in peace. Live on in spirit. May we carry on what they began.


2 thoughts on “We remember: 1963”

  1. What a pleasure — and a surprise — it was to encounter THE General Charles Kilbourne padding around in his own kitchen at One Pendleton Place in Lexington, Virginia, making himself a cup of coffee. I was but a callow W&L undergraduate, then, and totally infatuated with his granddaughter Lisa (and still am). I learned what a incredibly heroic man he was, later. I knew him as the man who built the garage onto Lisa’s house and may have owned La Belle Voiture, which was the gorgeous white Pontiac that Lisa parked on the wrong side of the street at the Troubadour Theatre… and got a ticket. — Stephen


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